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as a Tutor

Volunteer tutors are needed to work with adults* who want to learn to read, improve their reading or math skills, learn English as a Second Language (ESL) or prepare for their GED (high school equivalency). No teaching experience or second language skills are necessary. Register today.

Tutor training consists of:

  • a free three-hour Tutor Training Orientation
  • a follow-up interview with a Tutor Coordinator
  • subsequent in-service seminars
At the Tutor Training Orientation, volunteers will learn about:
  • what is required of tutors
  • how the DLC supports its tutors
  • various tutoring options
  • other literacy volunteer opportunities so that attendees can determine which volunteer activity best suits their needs

During the follow-up interview with the Tutor Coordinator, the various tutoring options will be discussed: Basic Literacy, GED, ESL (English as a Second Language), individual and group tutoring.

Soon after the interview, the matching process will be completed. Tutors are matched with students based on a number of factors, including preferences for times of availability and location.

* Currently, we do not provide tutoring for school-age children.

Tutor Resources

Books, DVDs, puzzles, role play materials and other resources are available to be checked out at the Kill Devil Hills library. Most materials can be transferred between Dare County library branches upon request.

Workbooks are given free to students after a specific number of tutoring hours have been completed.

Teacher's guides are loaned to tutors, but must be returned when tutoring sessions are completed.

Tutors can put in a request for purchase of a particular book.



Tutor Training

The training is free, but we prefer that you contact us to pre-register. For more information about our training email us or call 252-216-7773.

Tutor Support

A Tutor Coordinator and Mentor is assigned to each tutor. They maintain contact with the tutor and are available to answer questions, address problems and offer support in determining how to proceed with tutoring.

In addition to the initial Tutor Training, the DLC provides periodic In-Service Seminars to further enhance the tutoring experience. These brief, hands-on seminars are free to all DLC tutors and cover a variety of subjects related to tutoring (grammar, pronunciation, phonics, literacy resources, etc.). Tutors are invited to give feedback and suggestions about future seminars. Seminars are held periodically throughout the year.


Tutor Time Sheets: Monthly time sheets are required for all tutors. The form can be downloaded here. 

Volunteers Time Sheets: Monthly time sheets are required for all non-tutor volunteers. The form can be downloaded here. 

Helpful Websites


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ThoughtCo (also for GED)


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